Friday, December 9, 2011

Great Example of a Tiny House

The Tiny House movement has grown in the last decade and is indicative of the current shift towards self sustainability due to our ever troubled economy.

People all over the nation (and many places abroad) are opting against or giving up their unnecessarily huge houses (and mortgage payments) to be able to live a debt free and sustainable lifestyle.

Now my take on it is a little different than what the people at the link below have done, but not by much. I like the idea of smaller, easily maintained domiciles, however I think the below 100 sq. ft. cabins on trailers would be too much of a stretch for me (although I wouldn't require much more.)

But have a look at what the Rowdy Kittens have done with their Tiny House, you will be amazed!

Click to View: Our Tiny House

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