Monday, October 31, 2011

Mosaic Toilet Tank Pot

I love the idea of this re-purposing! Especially since I have an old toilet in my garbage pile waiting for the junker to come. So I'll post my results here when I get to it.

Easy Arcade Cabinet

I definitely want to do this! The cabinet is probably the hardest part since you simply put an old PC into the cabinet and hook it up to a TV or Monitor. The popularity of the multiple arcade emulator (MAME) let's you play all those game systems and arcade classics you grew up with!

Multi-Level Cat Tree

Wonderful! Since I have many felines roaming around my house, this is pretty much a necessity. Use these plans as a base and add or modify as needed. Does not look difficult at all and offers you the ability to change as you need it.

A Simple Solar Charging Station

This is an awesome and simple DIY Solar Charging Station that anyone can build! It's really great to have free power available to you to charge your devices. Could probably be modified to keep indoors or maybe a portable version so you can bring it to the beach or out in the wilderness with you.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shelter Frame Connectors

All sorts of kits that allow you to build your own style of shelter whether that be a garage, yurt, storage shed, or a permanent home! This page is updated regularly. 

Outdoor Pet Enclosure Made of PVC

If you have a cat or two, this could also be used for small to medium sized dogs I would think. This seems like an inexpensive way to give your pet some outdoor time without letting them get into too much trouble or wandering away. 

How To Make Blooming Tire Planters

Ha! I've always wondered how people make those things! It would seem to me near impossible to turn a car tire inside out. I want to try this!

15 Shipping Container Projects of 2010

Here's another nice Gallery of finished projects.

50 Incredible Homes Made Of Repurposed Shipping Containers

A nice gallery featuring some great ideas for re-using shipping containers for housing. Here in the states, you can buy these old containers for as low as $1000 sometimes. What condition they will be in is obviously based on the price. Click here for a Google Search to buy these. And of course try your local Craigslist for deals.

And So We Begin ...

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